Each track here stands on its own, not resembling any of its album mates but still sharing that melodious magnetism found throughout. Let me clarify here that not all of this project is sweet and smooth as the snappy track, “Sweet Brown,” and the title track will demonstrate with gritty, edgy guitar runs sneaking In on the action. A really cool mix, if you ask me.

This album has balance and integrity as a contemporary jazz undertaking. Rice is clear on where he wanted to take this work, and the journey is truly a very pleasant one. – Ronald Jackson

This entire album makes me want to get in my car, roll the windows down on a warm summer night, crank up the volume, and just cruise with no where to be or time to be done. Smooth Jazz is in great hands with such talented artists like Mr. Rice. The trumpet tone on every tune blends perfectly with the artistic mix of the musical groove. I highly recommend this incredible project for anyone looking for something to pass the time away. Rick Braun, Chris Botti, and now Jackson Rice. Excellent company welcomes an excellent new member. Buy it - NOW!!!

Smooth Jazz Daily

"Contemporary instrumentation with smooth trumpet solo melodies. This CD is good for listening while driving or any time you want a cool jazz mood."

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Happy Hour with cat daddy