For Jackson Rice success came early as he has played amazing venues such as Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert hall as well as a full European tour at the age of 19. A child prodigy and a classically trained musician at first then later into jazz where he found his passion for composition.


Working for nearly 20 years behind the scenes he has recorded, mastered, produced or performed on over 2000 recordings. Now a major artist in his own right, performing worldwide, selling his solo CD releases, he has found a form of creative expression that begins in traditional jazz and expands beyond the limits of any single genre. With "The Firefly", his first CD release,  he established himself as one of the important, innovative trumpet players of the contemporary music world. "'59 It Speaks For Itself" he has shown he can create a beautiful listening experience that takes you all the way back to 1959, the year he was born. 

And now with his latest 2017 release "Amazonia",  his musical history in Cinematic Jazz is born.


Listen to what today’s critics are saying...... (Review 2012)


This is an outstanding album of trumpet-driven Smooth Jazz from an amazingly talented and creative composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer from the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Jackson Rice. I’ve listened to THE FIREFLY over and over since I got my copy, and I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Jackson in person. He’s above all genuine… clearly putting his heart and soul into his composing, playing, and production. THE FIREFLY, his debut album, reflects that in every way, from the tasteful, inviting packaging to the compelling, World-class performances. It’s melodic, brilliantly performed, and elegantly tasteful with a driving fluidity to it. The best way to describe Jackson Rice’s music is, “Fourplay meets Chris Botti,” with the bite of electric guitar to spice things up... Mark Wilson’s the magician with the ax here! THE FIREFLY is that good, and this artist deserves to be in the company of Smooth Jazz’s elite trumpet-meisters. Believe me, he will be when fans get wind of this album! ~SCOTT O’BRIEN


Critical Jazz (Review 2012)


Jackson Rice is a trumpet player, producer and composer from the great Northwest. A legit jazz triple threat and while I tend to keep all things smooth at arms length - I dig this record from the incredibly cool cover art to the righteous groove and deceptively subtle edge that Rice and his band lay down throughout this recording. 

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The Smooth Jazz Ride (Review 2012)


If subtle, smooth, and fluid trumpet is your thing, you’re sure to enjoy this handsome debut offering from Jackson Rice entitled Firefly.  It has a sweet, refined feel to it combined with just enough thump and bump for the moderate funk rhythms we jazzers so love in our music. This album has balance and integrity as a contemporary jazz undertaking. Rice is clear on where he wanted to take this work, and the journey is truly a very pleasant one. – Ronald Jackson

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Cruisin Smooth (Review 2012)


This entire album makes me want to get in my car, roll the windows down on a warm summer night, crank up the volume, and just cruise with no where to be or time to be done. Smooth Jazz is in great hands with such talented artists like Mr. Rice. The trumpet tone on every tune blends perfectly with the artistic mix of the musical groove. I highly recommend this incredible project for anyone looking for something to pass the time away. Rick Braun, Chris Botti, and now Jackson Rice. Excellent company welcomes an excellent new member. Buy it - NOW!!




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